Open days of Istria's herbal farms and gardens

Open Days 2022

Purpose and objective

To create an attractive tourist product in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria
Raise the profile of Istria as a region rich in aromatic herbs
Achieve the visibility of the individual farm/garden
Generate additional visits and additional income at individual locations
Create a sense of belonging - no other region in Slovenia is connected in this way


Conditions for inclusion of a farm/variety?

1. Grow herbs for processing (herb farm)
2. Grow herbs for display (herb garden)
3. Location of herb gardens are in the Istria area (Slovenian part)
4. Prepare and organise an interesting programme in your farm, garden
5. organise and carry out activities at your location at your own expense
6. use the distinctive motifs of the event in its communication (to be communicated)


General proposals for a farm-specific programme

Guided tour of the farm/garden
Herb harvesting
Making herbal products - wreaths, bouquets, bags, bouquets,... activities adapted for children ...
Preparation of seedlings
Distillation of herbs
Culinary offer with a focus on herbs
Making simple cosmetic products
Offer of products made from herbs
Offer of other farm products (oil, wine, vegetables, etc.)
Possibility of offering accommodation


Farm/Garden programme

Farm/garden activities take place in the morning and afternoon
Advance bookings/appointments are accepted - if individual locations are overbooked
is directed to where there is still availability
Responsibility for implementation lies with the individual farm
Activities can be free or for an additional fee, to be paid to the individual farm
and charged to the individual farm
We will help farms and gardens to design interesting activities


The full 2022 event programme can be found here


Press Release 2022

A weekend of fragrant Istrian herbs and spices   


Dragonja, 21 June 2022 - Last weekend in Slovenian Istria was marked by herbs and spices. Farms, homesteads and estates attracted nature researchers, natural product enthusiasts, aromatherapists and families to their herb plantations.


Two-day programme in the framework of Open Days of Istria's Herb Farms and Gardens offered many opportunities for active leisure and education. The most visited were workshops on the distillation of indigenous Istrian herbs, natural cosmetics and lavender wreath knitting and culinary workshops. The children were also enthusiastic, as they enjoyed making fragrant lavender figures.


The most well-known indigenous plants, which are carefully processed by herbalists and farmers into high-quality products, are frankincense, myrtle, rosemary, lavender, savory, yarrow, lemon balm and sage. They are used to produce hydrolates, essential oils, natural ointments, repellents and dried herbs, which have been appreciated in recent years by both private users and the cosmetics industry.


Event hosts, Homestead Butul, Grbec Farm, Rose Marine Herb Estate, Mihota Homestead, Purissima Mediterranean Garden KZ Agraria, Marija & Mojca Vulič Herbs, Solari Organic Estate, Giassi Farm and Bonistra Herb Estate have come together to raise the profile of herbal farms, homesteads and estates and products that are the result of knowledge and love of nature.

"I am delighted that so many people learned about our work and mission by attending the event and co-creating it with us. Many participants visited several farms, some spent both days with us. Istria is full of beauty and natural wealth. This event shows that people appreciate this kind of content, like to connect and exchange knowledge and experience. This is the only way we can grow and invite visitors to the Istrian hinterland with selected tourism products. We look forward to all future editions and new herbal stories." said the event's initiator Jana Bergant from Bonistra Estate.