• use exclusively native aromatic plants, which have always been at home in the area of Istria
  • are grown in a natural and ecological manner, or
    we accumulate in nature, where we respect the legality and conservation of nature
  • seedlings are made by hand from seeds or cuttings in plants from nature and placed hand-laid in soil
  • we take care of the preservation of natural and cultural desdišči, as we preserve sites and plants that are forgotten or almost extinct
  • the plant is harvested at its optimum maturity with volatile compounds when the dry
  • always use freshly collected plants


  • always treat water with care and respect
  • to create steam, we use controlled drinking water and also spring water
  • for cooling the capacitor, use rainwater and return it to the reservoir for further use

It's a distiller.

  • distilled for the production of quality hydrolatov
  • are distilled always in inox of the lychees, with smaller quantities distilled on the professionally designed stainless steel steaming of Alchemia Solutions
  • use a distiller of appropriate size (depending on the type and quantity of plant material), from 12 liters of Nano, 40/80 liters Explorer, or 80/160 liters pilot volume. For large quantities of plant material, distillation is carried out in larger corners of our partner
  • used for the process of aqueous and aqueous-steam distillation of plants
  • we take care of the cleanliness of distillers, equipment and accessories (and ourselves)


  • hydrolats and essential oils are natural and pure, without additives
  • we strive for a wide diversity and high content of organic volatile compounds
  • active cosmetic compounds in hydrolati are certified by cosmEthically Active certificate
  • hydrolats and essential oils are registered as cosmetic products and thus comply with EU cosmetic regulation
  • some products are certified by the organic or are in the process of obtaining an organic
  • chemical analyses on the content of organic volatile compounds are generally made seasonal
  • packaging for products is glass
  • before charging, filtration is performed
  • the filling and storage process achieves the standards of good manufacturing practice

Distiller and his attitude.

  • expertise on distillation, which the distiller gathers through various educations and through the distillation of different plants
  • concentration at each distillation and record-keeping for the purpose of monitoring the progress and impact of seasonal parameters on the finished product
  • openness to experimentation
  • likes plants and work with plants
  • builds attitude to water and land
  • ethical and respectful attitude towards other distillers and people