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As nature nourishes its water, soil, plants, Bonistra has created a cosmetic line for you to care for your face, body, hair and well-being. Bonistra dedies a special place to hydrolats, as they are gentle, mild and work wonderfully in the care of the skin. Volatile compounds and water moisten and refresh. The smell takes us into memories and relaxes us. We also afford care several times a day, as we always carry the reception bottle with us. Our little nursing ritual with our favorite hydrolat throughout the day.



From Harvest to Hydrosol 2nd edition is an excellent choice for those who want to improve their knowledge of distillation and hydrosols, as well as for those who are starting out on this journey.

The book is in English.

Perfect bound paperback, 305 pages

Ann Harman also runs a number of online and live workshops, which can be found on her Botannicals page.

Alchemia Solutions

designed and made specifically for extracting quality hydrolates and essential oils. They are suitable for both beginners and professional distillers, ranging in size from the smallest 12 litre Nano to the 80 litre Pilot.

You are welcome to view the full offer in our online shop or in person at our location in Slovenian Istria (by prior arrangement).

Bon care

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